2019 16/18u Monster Invitational Showcase Tournament

Register by emailing us at eventbymonster @ gmail. We will send application. Tournament information:

Taking the best teams based on applications.

Proceeds benefit the YSU ENACTUS student group and support their charitable activities.

This event is a 1-day event costs $550 (4gg).

Round robin showcase format

2020 Evaluation Period date for Scholastic and nonscholastic activities

Teams must request an application by emailing eventbymonster@gmail. for application. The committee labors to select the best teams.

Application receipt w/ payment deadline by October 1, 2019.

Section notification sent by October 5, 2019.

Schedule and info package emailed by Oct 7, 2019.

Only the top teams will be selected to compete based on application.

Selection committee consists of individuals in and out of this area.


APPLY via email request: eventbymonster@gmail com


  • Date: Saturday November 9, 2019 (one day only)
  • 16/18u Division
  • YSU WATTS Center
  • Inviting regional schools, including D1
  • Will make games as long as possible to maximize facility usage while selecting best teams
  • Expect to take the best 8-10 teams
  • Best indoor facility in region
  • 4 GG, weather not an issue
  • Cost: ONLY $550 w/ 4gg RR
  • One ump per game
  • Student run concessions available, ample seating, bring chairs
  • Proceeds to YSU student business group